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Customer Cockpit

Inbound Services

Internationally available – and always at the right rate

International availability is indispensable for so many companies. We offer you flexible and customized rates for your service. Benefit from our service offers and from satisfied customers.

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Inbound Services



Available around the world at a single number

Your service number goes all over the world – and it’s even free for your callers. Regardless of whether your customers are calling from Sweden, Japan or the USA, you have the same number everywhere. With freecall Universal you can be reached at one and the same number from numerous countries. Your company only has to issue one service number, and all customers, national and international, immediately relate this number to your company’s free telephone service. On request you can even use the convenient vanity dialing for your freecall Universal number.

Product sheet freecall Universal


Image enhancement with service numbers that everyone knows

freecall International is the telephone service at no cost. Every caller in every country immediately knows: “Here I am offered a service at no cost.” The service number uses the country-specific, toll-free service area codes, e.g., 020 in Sweden or 900 in Spain. These numbers are widely known in the respective country, so that your customers immediately recognize your service-centered approach. Assured image enhancement at an international level!

Product sheet freecall International


International calls, national rates

Want to be internationally available, but also want to keep costs under control? You can be reached from abroad with country-specific shared cost service numbers – but at national rates! With Shared Cost International you use a service number with which you share international call charges fairly with your customers and callers: the caller only pays the usual call charges in their country for the service number up to the national border. You accept the costs from here. You therefore make it much easier for your customers to contact your company from abroad.

Product sheet Shared Cost International


Being close, worldwide

Global Service Call makes your offerings and services even more attractive for your customers, in many countries all over the world. Your service can always be reached via a national fixed-network number in selected countries. Thanks to intelligent routing, the calls can be distributed in a targeted way. Your customers will benefit from favorable call charges and rapid assistance. You yourself gain through an international presence, costs which can be planned and convincing customer proximity.

Product sheet Global Service Call